“Leadership speaker inspiring people to take action, get traction and build momentum to move in the right direction. Patty engages people to laugh, learn and create results that matter.”

Leadership Speaker, Patty Hendrickson gets her audiences interacting from start to finish. With inspirational stories and purposeful audience interaction Patty engages audiences to both hear and feel the relevant content. She knows her clientele because over 90% of them are repeat and referral. Since 1987 she has shared her enthusiastic message with more than a million people. 

Patty has a Masters of Business Administration; is a seasoned association leader; is a Past President of the National Speakers Association – Wisconsin Chapter; and is the author of many leadership resources including the inspirational book, now in its fifth printing, called Who I Am Depends on Me!

Patty has earned the prestigious designation of Certified Speaking Professional given to less than 800 people in the World.

Those are the stuffy credentials. Her many titles include — entrepreneur, wife, mother, leader, advisor, mentor, philanthropist and master juggler-of-all-things. Most importantly, she loves to giggle with her son Max & daughter Amelia, cheer for the Green Bay Packers, and eat cookie dough.

Program information:

What’s Your Motivation? — Motivational Strategies

Format: ​45 minute – 2 hour workshop

This program is perfect for:

  • ​leaders struggling to engage team members 
  • teams challenged to move forward

This programs identifies individual’s primary motivational forces. Participants understand how best to approach others using the right language and strategies to tap into what motivates others. It’s about respecting one another and meeting others where we’ll have the most impact. 

It All Matters & It Starts With A SMILE! (Customer Service)

Format: ​45 – 90 minute keynote or workshopThis program is perfect for:

  • ​customer service providers trying to do better

The audience will leave with:

  • ​simple strategies to immediately implement for results
  • a renewed sense of their powerful personal impact
  • an understanding of their efforts effect on the bottomline

​This program delivers real tools for personal and professional development. When providers feel they made a difference and appreciate their value they step up and do better work. 

Fingerprints of Leadership – What’s Your Legacy?

Format: ​45-90 minute keynote This program is perfect for:

  • ​leaders who want to make a difference

The audience will leave with:

  • ​an appreciation for their leadership strengths and history
  • an action plan to collaborate with their team of influencers
  • an assessment of their leadership timeline

​I’ve shared this high-energy program dozens of times and left audiences feeling inspired and excited to grow their leadership legacy!