Author of ON Point: A Coach’s Game Plan for Life, Leadership, and Performing With Grace Under Fire, award-winning coach and leader. She shares candid stories from the Final Four to the Boardroom.

Pam is a leadership and teams expert. Building high performing teams has most industry leaders scratching their heads on… HOW? In sports, it’s the norm and an expectation. Have you ever wondered how big time coaches do this consistently? Pam explains HOW – in an engaging, visually entertaining and story telling style that’s designed to improve YOUR leadership approach and culture in your organization.

The author of ON Point: A Coach’s Game Plan for Life, Leadership, and Performing With Grace Under Fire, Pam Borton is an award-winning coach and business leader who has keynoted events nationally for audiences across industries. Pam has spent her life actually leading, navigating, and coaching people and teams at the highest level. She hasn’t just studied it, she has DONE IT successful for decades.

She now has taken her passion, expertise and a Final Four to the boardroom with her clients, business teams, and organizations and to her audiences. She shares candid stories on what it takes to LEAD and WIN consistently in an environment that is changing at rapid speed. Pam has been featured on national television and radio shows including ABC, CBS, FOX Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Radio, BIG10 network, Wharton Business Radio, as well as in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Sports Business Journal, and the Artful Living Magazine.

Pam’s signature programs are “Becoming an ON Point Leader: Leading People and Teams in the 21st Century”. She is highly sought after to speak and coach on “Building High Performing Teams”. Her audiences can relate to the similarities and stories of sports to business. Living in a world where integrity, accountability and winning is highly visible, she shares her knowledge and authenticity to her audiences from decades of real experience, storied successes and candid failures.

Besides taking her team to a Final 4, Sweet 16’s and numerous NCAA tournaments, Pam is an ICF senior executive coach, leadership and teams expert. She has an advanced certification in personal and executive coaching from the College of Executive Coaching in Santa Barbara, CA, is certified in the Everything DiSC, Emotional Intelligence (EQI 2.0), and 360 assessment tools. She is certified and is a member of the International Coaches Federation and the Forbes Coaches Council. Pam is currently pursuing a National Health and Wellness Coach Credential from the National Board of Medical Examiners, the licensing Board for Physicians (NBME).

Pam works with highly successful leaders, teams and organizations on a daily basis. She works with those who want to be the best.

What does the leadership pipeline look like in your organization? Pam will customize a program (from one hour to a full-day) for your next leadership conference, corporate event, or executive training. Her PASSION and energy is contagious and what ambitious people can relate too.

Not many women have written books on leadership, speak about it and have actually sat in that high profile, highly visible, lonely and scrutinized chair. Pam would love to be part of your TEAM today, because we are all ON Point!