Get ready to dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence and unravel the mysteries behind the AI revolution that’s transforming our economy with Andrew Busch

About Andrew Busch

Andrew B. Busch is the former 1st Chief Market Intelligence Officer for the US government.  At the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, he was charged with improving and enhancing the government’s understanding of markets and the economy.  Andy provided briefings to the White House, US House, US Senate, the SEC, the Federal Reserve Board and US Treasury staff on a wide range of issues including extreme market volatility; China’s influence on the global commodity markets and trade; and the impact of technology on market dynamics. 

Prior to joining the CFTC, Mr. Busch was the CEO and founder of a boutique financial markets and policy research firm, Bering Productions, Inc (BPI).  Before BPI, he was the Global Currency and Public Policy Strategist for Bank of Montreal (BMO) in Chicago.  He was an outside advisor to the US Treasury and White House under the Bush administration.

And, he’s here today to help us move from the chaos now to confidence in the future.

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AI Unleashed: Disrupting the Economy and Shaping the Future

Unlocking Opportunities, Addressing Challenges, and Changing the Future

In this compelling and visionary keynote, Andy dives deep into the far-reaching effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on economic growth, job creation, and politics, unraveling the complex interplay between these crucial domains. Embark with the former 1st Chief Market Intelligence Officer for the US govt. on a fascinating journey uncovering the potential of AI to redefine the global landscape, and learning how to adapt and thrive in this new era of unprecedented change.

Andrew Busch is known for his ability to simplify complex topics, uncover hidden trends, and spark lively discussions. With his signature blend of enthusiasm, wit, and insight, he’s about to shed light on the most significant technological advancement of our time – Artificial Intelligence.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The AI Economy Unleashed: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how AI is driving economic growth, spurring innovation, and catalyzing new business models across diverse industries.
  2. The Workforce Reimagined: Explore the dynamic relationship between AI and job creation, and learn how to foster a resilient workforce capable of navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities of an AI-driven world.
  3. The Political Paradigm Shift: Examine the transformative impact of AI on politics, as it reshapes power structures, policy-making, and the very nature of democracy.
  4. Balancing the Scales: Uncover the role of AI in addressing economic disparities and promoting inclusive growth, and learn how to develop and implement strategies that ensure no one is left behind.
  5. The Road Ahead: Gain actionable insights and practical guidance on preparing for the AI-driven future, embracing the opportunities it presents, and overcoming the challenges it poses, both individually and collectively.

This groundbreaking speaking topic is an absolute must for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly evolving world. So, buckle up and prepare for a mind-blowing journey with Andrew Busch at the helm! 🚀