Looking for a speaker that is fun with a message?  Joe Fingerhut entertains and educates his audiences.

He will even surprise your attendees by riding an unicycle around your conference room.

New Sizzle Reel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPcYIxdL4EY

12 minute showcase video


Joe Fingerhut is an author and speaker at conferences, organizations and schools on mindset, leadership and success.  In the eight years after graduating college, Joe went to 30 countries on six continents, including a backpacking adventure in Europe and a three-year stint as an English teacher in Japan. Then Joe moved home and began entertaining for a living. His skills as a magician, juggler, and DJ fostered a love and expertise of being on stage, and brought awards as well, with Complete Music naming Joe the 2011 National DJ of the Year. These experiences paved the way for a successful career as a speaker, and allowed Joe to inspire audiences in America, Japan, and Malaysia—so far!

As virtual presentations took over the education and corporate landscape in 2020, Joe took all the tools developed on stage in over two decades of presenting and put them to use to help others be inspired, effective, and proficient in their own presentations. As we transition back to in-person events, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge for creating impact on a screen or from a stage.

He communicates a positive message of turning “I can’t” into “How can I?” while sharing stories from his life and travels. Audiences help create lasting lessons as they participate in memorable moments of magic, juggling, dancing, and more.

He regularly rocks audiences at leadership events in America and overseas, sharing lessons from his adventures in travel, language, and various stage skills.  Connect with Joe and check out his book “Permission To Play” at www.joefingerhut.com.




Joe Fingerhut details how one simple leadership lesson propelled him from ‘Average Joe’ to exploring 30 countries on six continents, and succeeding at dream jobs as a small-business owner. This interactive, engaging keynote presentation utilizes vivid stories and relevant lessons.   Participants are provided tools for overcoming adversity, apathy, and continuously re-energizing through connection with co-workers and clients.

–The shift in mindset from “I Can’t” to “How Can I?”

–UN-cover and RE-discover key habits, practices, and tips for improved communication with clients, both on- and off-line.

–The KEY to Connection uncovered as a Wedding DJ



Juggling Balls, rings, Chinese Yo Yo, Flower Sticks, Peacock Feathers, Stilts and more are laid out.  Each skill is shown and demonstrated in a funny, interactive presentation that engages the group and intertwines lessons in leadership and personal communication skills (grit, growth mindset, positive communication).  Then the group is given the rest of the workshop to PLAY!  Each participant will get the chance to try as many skills as they want, or focus on a few and get a good feel for a new skill.  At the end, we wrap up with a discussion on how these skills apply to:

–Dealing with co-workers (positive feedback, healthy language)

–Dealing with clients (positive encouragement, personal support)

–Overall life lessons (grit, growth mindset)  

This workshop has been incredibly well-received and garners rave reviews!



COVID took everyone on a roller coaster: families, schools, workplaces.  As we emerge from the 

haze, everyone wants to know “What’s Next?” Spoiler Alert: No one has the answers!  

Joe Fingerhut creates a learning experience around three “G-Rated” tools to successfully 

RE-START motivation and engagement.

Learning outcomes

—Meet people (clients, co-workers, peers) where they are vs. trying to change minds (Grace)

—Maintain the attitude of resilience with a “HOW CAN I?” Mindset (Grit)

—Appreciate the victories and lessons from the last two years (Gratitude)