Get to know Leadership Speaker Nate Bailey! Find out more about Nate’s area of expertise, how he engages an audience and his personal background.

About Nate: Nate Bailey’s mission in life is to impact men and women who are ready to truly have the life they have always desired.

Nate was born and raised in Wisconsin. He started his career in the United States Army. As a Platoon Leader in the Operation Iraqi Freedom, he was charged with the safety and leadership of 40 soldiers as they served our country in Kuwait.

As the Lead Trainer and Lead Coach of the Prosperity Revolution, ManWealth, and Shield Maiden programs, Nate works with hundreds of men and women who are doing just that – focusing on creating a better life for themselves and their families.

Nate created the Championship Leadership podcast to dive deep into conversations with Leaders who are Champions in their field and industries. Guests talk about what Championship Leadership means to them, the path they took along the way, the leaders that shaped and molded them into who they are today, and discuss the major defining moments and how they persevered to be Champions in life.
Zoom Interview with Nate Bailey
2020 Midwest Speakers Bureau Showcase
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