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About Sarah Ohanesian

After 15 years working for the same company, starting as an intern and rising to Chief Marketing Officer, Sarah Ohanesian saw burnout, disengagement, and lack of purpose as huge problems affecting not only herself but her colleagues as well. Just like being blonde and 5’1”, her identity was rooted in being busy. It was everything.

She started to realize that high-performing individuals were hitting all the marks on paper, but in reality, they were stressed out, unfulfilled, and so stinkin’ busy. She knew she had to do something about it. And if there’s anything a high achiever is good at, it’s creating more work for themselves. So she started a business, SO Productive… then co-founded another, Super Productive.

Using her COAT productivity system, through keynote speaking, interactive workshops, and productivity consulting, she helps reduce turnover and disengagement by empowering teams to think about a neuro-inclusive approach to productivity. Meaning, businesses don’t just need productivity, they need productivity fit for every brain type and everyone on the team.

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Keynote Presentations:

Dominate Your Day: Stop Being Busy and Leave Burnout Behind

In this talk, Sarah empowers audiences to take back control of their personal and professional lives by shifting their mindset from being busy to pursuing purpose.


Brains @ Work: The Invisible Power of Neurodiversity

In this keynote, Sarah shines the light on something that is virtually invisible in most companies: neurodiversity. Brains @ Work is a new way to think about structuring your work environment to create deeper employee engagement, more cohesive cultures, and vastly improved productivity.


The Amazing Meetings Playbook

Businesses need meetings. It’s the number one communication vehicle businesses need to actually make progress. But, when Sarah asks people what prevents them from getting their work done, the number one answer is: meetings. In this session, she shares her 3-Step Meeting Formula for having meetings that get results and how to host meetings people actually want to attend. 


DATE:  August 24, 2023

LOCATION: Airport Holiday Inn
6111 Fleur Drive | Des Moines IA 50321
(There is a block of rooms is under Midwest Speakers Bureau)

TIME:  8:00 am Registration
8:30-12:30 Speakers Showcase
12:30-1:30 Lunch with speakers

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