Mitch Holthus is the iconic voice of the Kansas City Chiefs and holds the distinction of being the longest-tenured and most decorated play-by-play “voice” in the franchise’s storied history. In October, Mitch Holthus celebrated an incredible milestone in his illustrious career, marking 30 years of dedicated service and an impressive 500 games covered for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Holthus had the privilege of calling the play-by-play for Super Bowls LIV and LVII, where the Kansas City Chiefs won their second and third NFL national championships in the franchise’s history. In addition to his play-by-play duties, he hosts several programs, including the Chiefs Insider program, the Defending the Kingdom podcast, Chiefs Rewind, and collaborates with the Chiefs Senior Team Reporter Matt McMullen on Chiefs Field Pass.

Furthermore, Holthus is known for hosting the “Minute With Mitch” television and radio series, which is broadcast in multiple states. His work and contributions have made him a beloved and recognized figure in the Kansas City Chiefs community and among NFL fans.

New Keynote:

“Power From Unexpected Sources: Achieving Consistent Success in a Highly Competitive Environment”

In this captivating keynote presentation, Mitch Holthus will delve into the secrets of cultivating a winning culture in an intensely competitive environment, drawing inspiration from unlikely sources. With a focus on the Kansas City Chiefs’ remarkable 11-season streak of high-level victories, he will demonstrate that this achievement is the result of a year-round commitment to excellence. Through this engaging exploration, you will uncover the unique methods employed to maintain this extraordinary level of consistency. Join Mitch as he shares his insights into sustaining success when faced with the most demanding challenges.

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