Meet Showcase Speaker Lena Scullard

As a top-rated professional speaker, facilitator, program designer, and consultant, Lena Scullard is on a mission to help individuals and teams improve their confidence and sense of capability for achieving success. With this in mind, she produces live and virtual programs that inspire others to expand their awareness and take strategic action in order to improve their results. Lena masterfully blends performance and conversational delivery with interaction and audience engagement to create lasting impact. By combining this dynamic presentation style with participant centered learning principles, her programs create memorable and emotional connections that leave people excited about new ideas and how to apply them in strategic ways.

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Keynote Presentations:

Stitch It Up!: Build Mental Resilience and Overcome Adversity

Do you know, you have the ability to overcome almost any obstacle life might lay in your path, simply by understanding yourself and being conscious in the moment of choice? You have the ability to forge your own happiness and mental health, just by learning to accept, decide, and act in a fully aware and intentional way.

Stitch It Up is a personal mantra for becoming mentally resilient and overcoming adversity. It goes beyond meditation and medication to help audiences learn how to harness the power of their conscious thoughts in the wake of life’s challenges.

Stitch It Up uses concepts and strategies from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to support a simple four step mental approach to take control in the moments of life you need it most.


Mission Accomplished: Live with Purpose and Achieve Goals That Matter

If you’ve ever struggled to set and achieve goals in your life you are not alone. Most of us understand how important goals are to our success, but we often fall short of consistently setting and achieving goals that really matter.

Mission Accomplished is a goal setting program that helps people discover the big picture of their lives so they can start setting goals that have purpose.

Lena combines conventional goal setting methods and cognitive psychology theory, with strategic planning and project management strategies to deliver a process that truly helps people find focus, clarity, and passion in their day to day life and beyond.


Level Up Leadership: Lead Others to the Next Level

Do you know the difference between leading people and managing a team or business? Did you know that even if you are a “one-man show,” you have the ability to influence others around you?

The potential to be a leader lies in us all! The concept of servant leadership has been a foundation for Lena throughout her career, even before she really knew what it was. It’s not about being “the boss,” or simply driving results; it’s about connecting with people first! When people come first, improvement of outcomes, goals, and the bottom line are the natural result.

So how do you begin putting people first? Well, first you have to understand who you are and what kind of leader you want to be. Then you have to learn about your people, who they are and where they are at. Level Up Leadership will show you how to do just that. Lena goes back to the basics of fundamental human needs, to show leaders how to pull those around them up to the next level, one level at a time.



DATE: August 24, 2023

LOCATION: Airport Holiday Inn
6111 Fleur Drive | Des Moines IA 50321
(There is a block of rooms is under Midwest Speakers Bureau)

TIME: 8:00 am Registration
8:30-12:30 Speakers Showcase
12:30-1:30 Lunch with speakers

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