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About Arthur Fratelli

Prepare to be captivated by The Amazing Arthur Fratelli, a renowned professional speaker, hypnotist, mentalist, and entertainer who has believes in SHOWING not telling. Arthur has brought his transformative presentations to professional organizations looking for a speaker that doesn’t just educate, but entertains.

Arthur believes that laughter is the shortest distance between people. With a perfect blend of gut-busting comedy, audience participation, and captivating mentalism, Arthur creates an immersive shared-experience that leaves audiences in awe and inspired to embrace their full potential.

Drawing from his diverse background in martial arts, hypnosis, mentalism, education, physical fitness, stoicism, and both Eastern and Western philosophy, Arthur brings a unique perspective to his presentations. His belief in the power of showing, not telling, allows him to create visually stunning performances that resonate deeply with organizations seeking to engage and captivate their audiences.

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Keynote Presentations:

Meditation in Motion: Get MOMENTUM by getting in the MOMENT!

Discover the transformative power of mindfulness with Arthur Fratelli’s program “Meditation in Motion.” Through a captivating blend of magic, amazing skills, and audience participation, Arthur will guide your guests on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth focusing on how we get MOMENTUM by getting in the MOMENT! This keynote presentation will leave a lasting impact, equipping your audience with science-based techniques to make the most in their personal and professional lives. This translates into an audience that can recognize when they are not in the moment and how to get back in it. A life-long martial artist, a former teacher, hypnotist, professional speaker, and over 25 years of experience on stage, Arthur’s keynote presentation combines magic, mentalism, and audience participation to create a funny and clever shared experience that your guests won’t forget.

The Mind’s Journey: Embracing the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover Within

In “The Mind’s Journey,” Arthur Fratelli delves into the depths of human potential when we can train our imagination. With examples from all disciplines throughout history, Arthur lays out the case that IMAGINATION is what is missing from our set of tools when it comes to leveling up. Drawing from his expertise in the field, he presents a thought-provoking keynote that explores how great creators and leaders used their imagination to set up systems to reach goals by focusing on a journey consciously involving four archetypes. This is an empowering presentation diving into the imagery of the different facets of their being. This unique and captivating experience will equip your team with the tools to foster personal growth, develop a growth mindset, and CREATIVELY solve problems.

Magic of the Mind

In this captivating presentation, Arthur delves into the fascinating world of body language, from subtle facial expressions to the language of the feet. Through mesmerizing mentalism, he showcases how understanding these nonverbal cues can lead to better communication and connection in both professional and personal settings. During the presentation, Arthur unravels the secrets of achieving a state of relaxation that athletes, artists, speakers, and musicians all strive for, as it enables individuals to perform at their best. With humor and engaging audience participation, he demonstrates how being in this relaxed state enhances reactions and decision-making, making it an invaluable skill for any successful communicator. 

“Magic of the Mind” is more than just a speech; it’s a show-not-tell experience that leaves a lasting impact on attendees. Combining entertainment and education, Arthur’s performance provides practical takeaways that can be applied immediately, ensuring your audience walks away with valuable insights and tools to enhance their interactions and presentations.


DATE:  August 24, 2023

LOCATION:  Airport Holiday Inn
6111 Fleur Drive | Des Moines IA 50321
(There is a block of rooms is under Midwest Speakers Bureau)

TIME:  8:00 am Registration
8:30-12:30 Speakers Showcase
12:30-1:30 Lunch with speakers

Cost:  $50

Register: https://www.speakernow.com/showcases/registration-form/