Lee has been entertaining corporations and associations for over 30 years and will inspire your guests to talk about your event long after its over.

Pure fun. Lee’s playfulness and spontaneity give this magic show the feel of a stand-up comic’s. He uses every thing and every one in the room. A positive and lively presentation lifts spirits and turns a roomful of strangers into friends. The star that has guided his 30-year globetrotting career is: Know your audience. Lee offers a living, breathing, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The real value of live entertainment in our high-tech, digital world is shared experience. People want to see and be seen, touch and be touched.Shared experiences are getting rarer every day, yet they are powerful. It’s the difference between a car full of individuals plugged into their earbuds, and everyone singing along to the radio.

Top cruise lines, world-class casinos, comedy clubs as far away as Australia, and thousands of leading corporations agree: Lee is surrounded by a spiritual aura so powerful that it functions as a bug zapper.