Kyle Horn

Kyle Horn is founder and director of America’s Job Honor Awards, and an advocate for our nation’s untapped workforce.

While working in the staffing & recruiting industry, Kyle was deeply affected by his meetings with job seekers who struggled with employment barriers including disabilities, immigration challenges and criminal convictions. Convinced that our nation’s labor shortage can be mitigated by tapping into this neglected talent pool, he stepped away from his corporate career to launch America’s Job Honor Awards: A nonprofit celebrating people who overcome employment barriers and the employers who hire them. The organization has grown into a multi-state movement with national recognition.

Kyle’s mission is to rekindle hope and energize the work ethic across the nation, by celebrating a new kind of hero.

“In the midst of America’s talent shortage, it’s time for employers to get serious about our untapped workforce. People who overcome criminal convictions or challenges such as disability are not only highly qualified employees, but frequently they demonstrate remarkable work ethic and loyalty.”
– Kyle Horn, Founder & Director, America’s Job Honor Awards


Kyle was the ending keynote speaker at our Disability and Employment conference … He was FANTASTIC! The crowd was on their feet giving him a standing ovation for his presentation! Kyle is a dynamic speaker who is able to capture an audience from beginning to end!  – Michelle Krefft, Director of Business Engagement, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation

“Kyle is a proven dynamic speaker with a passion and a professional intensity that commands serious attention … It is this passionate presentation style that makes Kyle stand out as a master presenter.” – Theresa Gordon, Life Coach


“Stunning job with the awards. Very moving and inspirational. Well done.” – Meg Schneider, Senior Vice President, Regional Business Development at Greater Des Moines Partnership


“Kyle is not only an articulate and engaging speaker, but he is a person who truly speaks from his heart.” – Janice Lemminger, CEO/Co-founder, C4 Solutions


“Kyle Horn is an ambassador of life for many community members that have been given another chance at citizenship … His presentations always end with a crowd gathered around him as though he were a social movement Rock Star …”  -LaSheila Yates Iowa African American Hall of Fame Inductee, Executive Director and Chief Diversity Officer, Civil Rights Commission and City of Cedar Rapids


“Kyle is a polished, high-caliber presenter who backs up his material with impactful visuals and data.” – Tina Shaw, Public Policy and Government Relations Professional 


“Kyle Horn came highly recommended to us as a presenter for our Wisconsin Workforce Strategies Summit for Manufacturers. We were fortunate to secure Kyle for our event and we received rave reviews from the attendees. His passion and belief in the cause is very transparent and inspiring to all. Through his experiences and success stories, he moved everyone in the room.”- Sandy Fischer, Strategic Marketing Expert, Wegner CPA’s


“Kyle is a wonderful speaker. His desire to help others shines through in his actions and words. I would recommend him for a motivating, uplifting presentation.” – Andrea Wright Executive Officer Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility.  


“Kyle is an amazing presenter and emcee. He is passionate about connecting job seekers facing barriers to employers willing to give them a second chance.” – Scott Mather, Workforce Development Manager at Iowa Workforce Development

“Kyle has the distinct ability to captivate the audience with his dynamic stage presence …” – Katy Petterson, Director of the Wisconsin Technical Colleges Marketing Consortium


Our nation’s dwindling workforce is cited as the chief threat to our future prosperity, but there’s good news: the solution may lie in our own backyard. America’s Job Honor Awards founder Kyle Horn provides unique insights into our workforce crisis, proposes innovative solutions, and shares the moving stories of honorees who have overcome significant barriers to employment.

Audience: Employers, policymakers, job developers, human resources professionals
educational / informative inspirational / life-changing

It’s been said “The past is a foreign country: They do things differently there.” Kyle Horn shares the fundamental characteristics of people who escape their pasts and win jobs. Along the way, he shares the moving stories of people who overcame barriers to employment and found success in the workforce.

Audience: People with employment barriers (e.g., criminal convictions, disabilities, immigration challenges, etc.) and the providers who coach them.
educational / informative inspirational / life-changing

Do we say “Money can’t buy happiness” while secretly hoping it will? Our pursuit of self-esteem and materialism has created self-obsessed – and miserable – Americans.  Kyle Horn makes a powerful case that rich and meaningful lives are achieved by following a different path.

Audience: Everyone! Especially relevant for graduating students.
inspirational / life-changing

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