Meet Kristen Brown!

Kristen is one of our featured showcase speakers in this year’s 2020 speakers showcase. In this interview, we will find out more about Kristen’s background and experience. Plus, how she helps to manage her stress during chaotic times! To register for the Midwest Speakers Bureau showcase, click here.

Additional information on Kristen:

Kristen Brown is an engaging international keynote speaker who motivates audiences to strive for maximum impact in their work and personal lives. She spent 15 years in sales and marketing leadership roles before starting her own award-winning company. She has worked with Fortune 500 teams across industries to drive sales and market share including companies like Target, Kraft, Bare Minerals, Cargill, Regis, Walmart, Mayo Health, and more.

Kristen makes your audience the star of the show by adding humor to her business-boosting keynote programs and weaving in relevant stories that resonate with attendees. Kristen will motivate your audience with low-stress, high-success ideas for professional & personal GROWTH that will directly impact the bottom line by boosting sales, leadership, performance, and profits!

Topics Kristen covers: Leadership
Performance Improvement