Inspirational Comedian and creator of “The Evolution of Dance”. Crafting engaging, energizing and impactful keynotes.

Judson is an “Inspirational Comedian” combining comedy and content to create the ideal neurological mindset for retaining ideas and concepts. From the moment he steps on stage till he dances, yes, dances away he has audiences laughing and thinking. The creator of “The Evolution of Dance”, the first video on YouTube to ever hit 100 million views, Judson is the world’s first YouTube Celebrity but he is much more then his famous dance.

Judson graduated from Bluffton University with a BA and from Bowling Green State University with a M.Ed.  His presentations are down to earth and highly motivational, creative and appealing, humorous and thought provoking, lively and enriching. Judson has been speaking for over 20 years and has appeared on The Today Show, Inside Edition, Ellen, Orpah, America’s Got Talent, and much more.


Inspirational Comedian Judson Laipply helps you realize that change is constant in our lives. Learn to accept that some of those changes are not going to be in our control while others will be directly affected by the choices we make. Judson blends comedy and content with a style that is down to earth, playful, and thought provoking and of course gets capped off with his famous finale, “The Evolution of Dance”.

audience activity educational / informative entertainment-based humorous / funny inspirational / life-changing

Everything changes. Not everything evolves. Every organization needs leaders who can lead the evolution and not people to “manage change”Change is inevitable; evolving is not. Evolving means becoming a better version of ourselves, our organizations, our world by focusing on the things we have influence over. Being able to measure and articulate exactly how we have become better helps move along evolution.

Overcoming the adverse reaction to chaos and embracing the struggles that strengthen allow leaders to help their organizations evolve. The world is moving faster and faster requiring a constant evolving mentality and leaders must be able to lead the way.

Complete with “The Evolution of Dance” this keynote ensures that everyone recognizes that everything changes – not everything evolves and we need leaders to lead our evolution.

educational / informative entertainment-based humorous / funny inspirational / life-changing