“”A living political cartoon … brings the West Wing to comic life … called by New Yorker magazine “the country’s leading political impressionist.””

Jim Morris brings the West Wing to comedic life like no other political satirist. Recreating Washington D.C. and the Beltway, Jim caricatures our nation’s leaders utilizing his uncanny ability to vocally and physically impersonate the newsmakers with flair, wit and intelligence, creating a hilarious living political cartoon.

Political Impressionist, Comedian Jim Morris sets his sights on the most prominent personalities in politics and popular culture, the major newsmakers, newscasters, and entertainers on the cutting edge and renders them in spot-on comic performances.
The New Yorker Magazine hailed Jim Morris as “the country’s leading political impressionist”.

President Barack Obama is the star of the show and the extraordinary cast includes Hillary and Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, John Kerry, George W. Bush plus John McCain, and if the political spirits are just right maybe an appearance by the Ghost of Ronald Reagan.

Jim Morris’ show has been described as a monologue with a cast of thousands, the political life of our country as an ongoing sitcom and a sort of White House Confidential with laughs, as Jim takes us behind closed doors into the secret comic halls of power.
Audiences rave over Jim’s ability to fully submerge himself within each character and comically envelop their particular political beliefs, moral ideologies, and personality quirks.

The Boston Herald described Jim as “a one-man Disney attraction, his own Hall of the Presidents”.