“Top Keynote Speaker, Motivational Expert and Author”

Jim Jackson’s mission is to provide innovative and stimulating learning experiences that allow individuals and companies to become remarkable.

For 29 years, Jim Jackson has been a performance coach to leaders, businesses and teams. He is a renowned motivational expert who inspires people to take risks and enables them to outperform expectations. Jim is teaching audiences how to maximize performance in any market environment and stay on top—no matter the challenges.

Master proven principals, achieve new levels of confidence
and unleash your full potential.

Jim has spent a lifetime developing skills that can touch the heart of a person or a large corporation. His insight on confidence, beliefs and performance makes for a timeless message that helps audience members see beyond their limitations and reach for new heights.

Jim’s fun, positive style is thought-provoking and inspiring. His presentations redefine the traditional event and while the audience is having fun, they focus on factors that will make a difference in their careers and in their lives. It is the one event people remember for years to come because it marks a new beginning, and the takeaway? They can thrive in this ever-changing global economy.

Remove the obstacles that stand between you and your goals—
create a clear path to your success.

Jim believes an organization’s most precious resource is its people. His keynote presentations and breakout sessions are designed to empower organizations with the same tenets shared by the world’s top performers—and the knowledge and skills to put them to work immediately!

Through training programs, consulting and post-program activities, Jim has helped numerous organizations dramatically improve their internal and external business effectiveness and create a culture that is continuously improving. Via speaking engagements, workshops and 2-5 day programs, Jim teaches winning values: Support, Trust, Accountability, Truth and Energy.