“I help people become better LEADERS…and leaders become better PEOPLE!”

The most important investment you make in the success of your organization is an investment in the cultivation and development of “character disciplined leaders”.

“Leadership that ranks high on the ROC Character Assessment Scale achieves nearly 5 times the return on assets that leaders who fall at the bottom of the curve achieve.” ~ from Return On Character by Fred Kiel

THE SENSEI LEADER will help you produce these results…and MORE!

I’m a former drug addict and two time college dropout. I used to think that was a miserable resume for someone who trains leaders to be better people.

I now know that it is the perfect resume.

Leaders are made, not born. I’ll go a little further, leaders are transformed.

Leaders are people who transform themselves through their experiences, opportunities and challenges to become the people others count on for inspiration, guidance and action.

I transformed myself from a loser to a leader––from a drug abuser to a Black Belt, and later to Sensei. Over 25 years of teaching I helped hundreds of others transform themselves into Black Belts, and thousands more discover their best selves.

Jim’s keynotes, workshops and seminars help you build and maintain a strong culture of “character disciplined leadership,” the foundation of organizational success. He is an internationally recognized business speaker, trainer and author of THE SENSEI LEADER and THINK Like a BLACK BELT.

“THE SENSEI LEADER was a home run! (Jim’s) presentation was outstanding and we couldn’t be happier.”