Mimi Brown, Dima Ghawi and Pandit Dasa are inspirational keynote speakers with a powerful and engaging message either on zoom or in the room!

These motivational diversity speakers are experts on topics surrounding cultural diversity, mindfulness, positive workplace culture, leadership, teambuilding, and resiliency.  

Mimi Brown: A keynote from Mimi is like a conversation with your best friend. Whether speaking to a group of 20 or 2000, Mimi has an uncanny knack for making real connections with people right from the stage. Today’s audiences don’t want to be passive listeners nor do they want to be lectured. They want to be involved in the experience and Mimi does not disappoint, she keeps participants laughing, moving and engaged…

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Communication, Business, Tough Times, Virtual Workforce, Positive Attitude

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Dima Ghawi:  When Dima delivers a speech, she creates an experience. She paints vivid pictures for her audience that activate their senses, stir emotions, and open their eyes to a new way of thinking. Dima shows them a future unburdened by internal and external limitations. Whether executive boards, top performers or entry level staff are in the audience, each attendee will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and a feeling of being confidently equipped with the tools they need to advance as leaders within their career, community and personal lives.

Topics: Diversity, Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, Women in Business, Generation Issues, Global Thinking

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Pandit Dasa: Pandit is a Mindful Leadership Expert, motivational keynote speaker and author. Pandit helps organizations improve employee engagement, retention and workplace happiness. He does this by inspiring organizations to create a mindful workplace culture by encouraging his audiences to lead by example, appreciate the contributions of their colleagues, communicate mindfully and manage one’s emotions. He helps individuals develop positive leadership qualities, lower stress and anxiety, increase focus and productivity and boost emotional intelligence. Some of the organizations Pandit h

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Inspirational, Mindfulness, Teamwork/Teambuilding, Personal Development

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