“President of SocialKNX, a digital media and social media marketing company. Gina is an author of Gettin’ Geeky w Twitter, and all around chic geek! @GinaSchreck on Twitter”

Gina Schreck has always been a closet geek! Whether it is using Social Media tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, or Augmented Reality, QR Codes and Virtual Worlds, Gina and her team help individuals and organizations build thier biz and manage their brand using todays technology! While many are talking about what social media tools are, Gina shows how to use a strategic approach to build business, develop and manage a company brand and make more money!

Gina blogs at http://SocialKNX/blog, is the host of Gettin’ Geeky, a popular web tv show that help those “not-so-geeky” learn to use technology and is the author of 6 books, including: Gettin’ Geeky with Twitter: Build Your Business and Manage Your Brand with Today’s Technology. Check out their Facebook Fan Page at www.Facebook.com/SocialKNX or connect on Twitter @GinaSchreck Better yet…just Google Gina Schreck!

While most technology speakers use so many technical terms that audience members slip into comas, Gina mixes humor and practical solutions that leave audiences wanting more! If your audinece is filled with Gen X and Gen Y attendees, quit bringing in Gen ZZZzzzz speakers.

Gina is a Certified Speaking Professional and Past president of the National Speaker’s Association- Colorado Chapter

Founder and President at SocialKNX, Gina helps companies leverage technology and engage their communities for BIG BUSINESS!