Effective communication serves as the bedrock of a vibrant workplace, essential for nurturing employee engagement and bolstering teamwork. It’s the conduit through which ideas flow, concerns are addressed, and feedback is exchanged, fostering an atmosphere of trust and transparency.

When employees feel their voices are heard and their input valued, they’re naturally more invested in their work and motivated to contribute meaningfully to the team’s endeavors. Moreover, clear communication ensures everyone is aligned on goals, objectives, and project timelines, laying the foundation for seamless collaboration.

By embracing communication strategies that prioritize dialogue and comprehension, organizations can foster a culture where collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect flourish among team members. This not only enhances productivity but also cultivates a workplace where individuals feel empowered to share their insights and collectively drive success.

Mary Kelly shares the ten questions that leaders can ask their teams to encourage better communication and enhance employee engagement:


  1. What are the top challenges you are facing in your role right now?
    • Encourage open discussion about obstacles team members may be experiencing and work together to find solutions.
  2. How can I support you better in achieving your goals? 
    • Demonstrate a commitment to employee development and success by understanding individual needs for support.
  3. What suggestions do you have for improving team collaboration?
    • Invite input on ways to enhance teamwork and communication within the team.
  4. What is your understanding of our team’s objectives and priorities?
    • Ensure alignment by discussing and clarifying team goals, objectives, and key priorities.
  5. What training, education, or resources would help you excel in your role?
    • Identify opportunities for professional development and ensure team members have the necessary tools for success.
  6. How can we celebrate successes and milestones as a team?
    • Foster a positive and inclusive culture by recognizing achievements and milestones collectively.
  7. How can we show you that we value and respect your ideas?
    • Promote a culture of inclusivity by emphasizing the importance of every team member’s contributions.
  8. What changes or improvements would you propose for our work processes?
    • Encourage innovation and efficiency by seeking feedback on existing processes and potential improvements.
  9. How can we communicate better as a team?
    • Acknowledge and work to eliminate any obstacles to effective communication within the team.
  10. What can I, as a leader do better to support the team?
    • Demonstrate humility and a commitment to growth by seeking feedback on your leadership and areas for improvement.

Regularly asking and actively listening to the responses can create a culture of open communication, trust, and collaboration within the team, ultimately boosting employee engagement and satisfaction.


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