Johnny Quinn will equip you to embrace change, accept risks and learn to PUSH through barriers, to live a life on purpose!

About Johnny Quinn:

Johnny Quinn was cut three times, lost $2.6 million dollars in NFL contracts and blew out his knee. Then he became an Olympian for the United States of America. From an NFL failure to a U.S. Olympian, Johnny’s “what’s next” attitude led him to success he never imagined. Johnny’s book equips us to embrace change, accept risk and learn to PUSH Through the Barriers, to live life on purpose.

Recent client testimonial:

“We brought in Johnny Quinn for our first sales event of the year, and he connected with our agents in a powerful way. His dynamic presentation kept the audience engaged from start to finish, and his stories were relatable illustrations of overcoming obstacles and disappointments to find success. He did a fantastic job tying in the event’s theme of discipline and providing our agents with practical, actionable strategies. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our agents on his presentation, with one agent telling us that Johnny was ‘the best guest speaker I’ve seen us have in the 10 years I’ve been here. Thank you very much for bringing him in. His content was great and very motivating.”

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