How to bounce forward when things get tough! By Adam Markel

Day in and day out, you’re tasked with managing everything from expectations to the future of your people. Let that sink in. There’s a lot riding on your shoulders – which can lead to insurmountable stress if you haven’t got a resilience plan in place – something that determines how you will bounce forward in times of chaos and crisis.
A resilience plan gives you a framework to fall forward on when things get tough. It helps you to maintain perspective and focus on what’s important. It’s your flashlight in the dark illuminating your next steps to continue moving forward in an effective way.

What should your resilience plan look like? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The most important part of any resilience plan begins with you and understanding that resilience is something you can create before you need it next. It’s not about endurance but rather about how we restore, recover and re-energize ourselves. 

Resilience begins by taking one clear step that we refer to as a ritual – and a ritual can be anything you do to manage stress and recharge yourself when it is present. This might involve creating short interval breaks during the typical day (10-30 minutes is optimal) to walk, close your eyes to consciously soften your shoulders and stomach while you simply breathe, drinking water or engaging in a non-work-related conversation with someone. 

The important thing is to have a plan in place so that you can lead confidently through whatever challenges come your way, and bounce forward through any kind of adversity.



Adam Markel guides and empowers high achievers to navigate change, transform cultures and drive growth. Adam is a transformational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and sought after business mentor and strategist. Adam is also a resilience and change management expert and a specialist in helping individuals and companies magnify their message through high-impact experiential speaking, training and facilitating.

Today, constant and never-ending innovation in the face of change is the key to creating sustainable success. Innovation, simply put, is the transformation or reinvention of something in a progressive, forward-moving direction. Therefore, our ability to reinvent – or pivot – is critical to lasting and meaningful change and success. Imagine the possibility to be better equipped to not just navigate, but UTILIZE change to create new opportunities and achieve maximum performance in your business and life.

No one knows more about pivoting, reinvention/innovation, and lasting personal, professional and business growth than Adam. His latest book is the best seller PIVOT: The Art & Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life. Adam was most recently CEO of New Peaks, North America ‘s largest human potential company, and now leads More Love Media, a company dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses to re-imagine, refocus, and capitalize on change in order to thrive in a world where constant disruption is the “new normal”.

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