What is really causing the talent shortage and what should companies do about it? Here is a great article by Eric Termuende explaining all of the factors on why it is so hard to find talent today.

A talent crisis is on the horizon and COVID isn’t the only thing to blame. Eric explains the factors that employers need to be aware of.

Why It Is So Hard to Hire in Top Talent Today Spoiler: it isn’t just COVID

There is no doubt that COVID has rocked our world over the past two years. As we know all too well, the pandemic has been responsible for the second, third, and fourth part-time jobs we didn’t ask for (i.e. chef, teacher, daycare, chauffeur), a total shift in how we connect with people, and the uprising of the three most common words we never thought we’d have to use: “You’re on mute.” And with everything has seemingly turned upside down, the world of work has not been spared. New technologies have been implemented, leadership has been tested, and The Great Resignation has been in full force.  

Is all of this change due to the pandemic, though? Not exactly. 

There is a growing temptation to point fingers at COVID for this massive career movement. And while one can admit that COVID has undoubtedly played a part in the current climate of work today, it is not the sole underlying cause of the Great Resignation. 

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