Dustin E. James is America’s Top Corporate Energizer. He is on a mission to elevate the workplace, helping corporations increase performance building, resilient, connected and creative leaders.

This motivational speaking powerhouse takes energy and engagement to an entirely different level. Dustin has presented to over 500,000 individuals in-person and virtually throughout the United States.

Dustin’s interactive learning experiences motivate and inspire through massive crowd engagement, creativity, and professional story telling. Creativity is one of his calling cards, with over 200+ plus stories to tailor for each of his events. Dustin has been a TOP PERFORMER in 4 different industries, he is a proud husband and father of two, he is a serial entrepreneur, a TEDx Speaker, and John Maxwell Certified Coach.


Dustin did an AMAZING job! We were coming off two awesome sales years. This year was different, our sales number were lower than expected and we brought Dustin in to charge up our sales team. His energy, passion, and motivation was the shot in the arm we needed. He delivered a powerful message to our team, provided a sales action plan, and we loved him. I would highly recommend him for any sales meeting, convention, just get him in your circle.
~Chris Iverson – General Manager Lamar Advertising

We brought Dustin in to kick off a faculty professional development day. He was high energy, motivational, fun and really connected with our staff. He shared powerful and motivational stories, great content, all while entertaining our team. The staff reviews were nothing but the highest praise. He connected on all levels and provided additional team building for our staff. I am happy to recommend him to any business, school or organization.
~Jennifer Hamilton – Superintendent Ohio Community Schools

We hired Dustin to help motivate our team during camp this season. He was more than we expected, he was FANTASTIC! We are already planning on working with him again next season. His energy, experiences, stories, and most of all character really resonated with the team. I would HIGHLY recommend your organization to put Dustin on your calendar.
~Steve Bell – Head Football Coach Augustana College

Dustin spoke at our state convention in Missouri. His message was high energy, fun, and provided great message content. He was extremely great to work with and very accommodating to our schedule. We were referred from another convention and we sure are glad they sent him our way. I would highly recommend utilizing Dustin for your next event!
~Mandi Bird – USDA FSA State Convention


CREATE EVERYDAY EXCELLENCE is tailored for SALES, CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND LEADERSHIP professionals. This HIGH ENERGY, interactive, and creative keynote will help you discover-Everyday Excellence. We ALL can control our Emotions, Education, Experiences, and Energy which are all valuable tools for business and life. In order to reach everyday excellence we must focus on the internal factors we can utilize to grow and build our businesses, relationships, and life. We easily get distracted with outside factors that move us away from motivation, goals, and our game plan. This keynote will give you the tools to create an ACTION PLAN, creating a path to extreme success.

Human Connection plays a pivotal role in the world-because people are truly the only thing that differentiates one business from another. Organizations may replicate processes, materials and structures of other successful organizations, but only the talent of an organization makes it unique and distinguishes it from all its competitors. Understanding the power of Human CONNECTIONS are influential building relationships. In order to achieve greater success, we must utilize creative thinking and enhance market differentiation. Make every Connection Count! This keynote will benefit your organizations in gaining a better understanding and communicating with team members at all levels in your organization. The benefits are understanding the impact of Emotion in our professional lives, value of life Experiences and the CONNECTION through Stories. 

This original and high energy sales keynote pushes the envelope on creative thinking and perspective.  We are all in the sales business and how we strategically handle the opportunity can increase bottom line results.  Uncover new and creative ways to find leads and referrals.  Pitch your product or service with a new twist by creating a personalized connection with your future customer.  Learn how to strategically tell and sell your story for greater success.  Leave your customers wanting more and establish long term relationship building. 

What are you doing to keep your mind sharp? Our mind is the most powerful tool we have. Continuous improvement is the only way to keeping our minds and bodies strong each day. We’ll cover ways to keeping yourself continually educated, sharpening your sales skills, grinding through the everyday mental battles, goal setting, and celebrating the little accomplishments on a daily basis. This keynote is entertaining, motivation, and educational. Find areas in your life that you can improve on each day to stay SHARP.