Deadra is known as one of the top humorists and motivational speakers in the Midwest. An award-winning speaker who spent 43 years in the classroom while raising two kids and chasing an entrepreneur husband around, she brings a unique brand of energy, comedic story-telling, and heart-tugging stories to every audience she engages.

Her humorous stories about everyday life will stick with you and the next time you find yourself chasing a skinny rabbit or speeding through life too fast, you will remember Deadra’s message to slow down and enjoy life.

Over the years, she has presented to thousands of attendees at international conferences, chambers of commerce, banking, educational, insurance companies, and Fortune 500s, and is a favorite at women’s conferences around the globe.




Before we can grow professionally, we need to learn to survive personally.  As the pace of change quickens every day, we sometimes end up chasing too many skinny rabbits.  When we do this we lose our energy and our focus on what’s really important.  Be open to new ideas, a revitalized sense of self, and letting go of the stress that causes you to chase SKINNY RABBITS!



Today’s work world needs to be ready for any change in the road.  The paths of meeting personal and professional needs are often bumpy and filled with obstacles. What we need to remember is we are all on this trip together and we must make sure to buckle up and be ready!



What happens when you mix a fast-paced society full of iPhones, tablets, and deadlines with cross-generational teams and customers? Porcupines around every corner.

Deadra, a child of the 60s, mother of two, and grandma to four, plus a 40-year veteran of the classroom, empowers audiences to work with customers and team members of differing backgrounds. She uses humor to explore the unique cultural and generational perspectives that exist in every situation.

By the end, audiences understand and will recognize how they, too, can take a pause, listen, and work with anyone; porcupines or not.





I can personally relate to her. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Laughter thru tears is my favorite emotion!!!

It’s great to laugh and learn a lesson at the same time.

Entertaining and very uplifting! I loved her spirit.

Great topic we all needed to hear. So much fun – I laughed so much I cried!

Everyone needs her sense of humor. She was very funny. I won’t forget that it’s OK to stumble, fall and crash.

Fun, entertaining, uplifting and inspiring. Just what I needed, I felt like she was talking to me.

A wonderful motivational speaker. The best I’ve ever heard.