What’s your biggest goals for those professional development days before the students show back up this Fall? If your goals are to get your staff get pumped up, excited to start the year and working as a team, Humorist and Former Teacher Deadra Stanton is the perfect way to kick off your 2021 school year.  She will give your teachers a much-earned respite and tools to cope with the day to day stresses of being a teacher.

Deadra is known as one of the top humorists and motivational speakers in the Midwest. An award-winning speaker who spent 43 years in the classroom while raising two kids and chasing an entrepreneur husband around, she brings a unique brand of energy, comedic story-telling, and heart-tugging stories to every audience she engages. Deadra was an English teacher for over 40 years in the Mason City School District. She understands the challenges your teachers face every day.

Her humorous stories about everyday life will stick with you and the next time you find yourself chasing a skinny rabbit or speeding through life too fast, you will remember Deadra’s message to slow down and enjoy life.


Before we can grow professionally, we need to learn to survive personally.  As the pace of change quickens every day, we sometimes end up chasing too many skinny rabbits.  When we do this we lose our energy and our focus on what’s really important.  Be open to new ideas, a revitalized sense of self, and letting go of the stress that causes you to chase SKINNY RABBITS!


Before we can grow professionally we need to keep focused on our life journey. When we are traveling so fast and so furious, we sometimes limit our ability to navigate our path. After this presentation the participant should have strategies to help maintain their focus and make sure they stay open to new ideas, a revitalized sense of self, and making the trip is enjoyable.


Here are a few comments from a virtual program she did last week:

  • This was a great way to start the day and really puts things into perspective! Thank you Deadra for sharing your spirit and life lessons!
  • I could listen to Deadra all day! Excellent speaker!
  • She’s rocking it!
  • Great story teller and speaker!
  • She is SSSOOO funny!

If you are interested in having Deadra speak at your next Professional Development day, please give Midwest Speakers Bureau a call at 515-974-8305.