Coaching leaders to design and live extraordinary lives!

David Bush is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and coach to business owners, corporate executives and sales professionals across the nation. After succeeding as a former All-American collegiate athlete at the University of South Dakota and graduating with a degree in Mass Communication, David pursued a professional football career and landed a starting role with the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena Football League in Des Moines, Iowa. After four years of playing professional football and two trips to the the World Championship game (’96 and ’97 Arena Bowl), David entered the marketplace as a professional salesperson and within 4 short years he was co-owner and regional sales manager of a top mortgage company with 18 production offices in 3 states.

Since 2004, David has focused his efforts on helping leaders to live their dreams and change the world through his strategic planning and coaching programs. He has become a leader in the peak performance coaching industry and he passionately leads the way for those who wish to succeed in living an extraordinary life. As the CEO and Founder of Extraordinary Health Coaching, David coaches a large number of entrepreneurs and executives to gain more Focus, Balance and Direction in their life and career through improved health and wellness.

An opening keynote speech with David starts your meeting with a bang and keeps everyone repeating his catch phrases through the end of the meeting. A closing keynote sends everyone home with extraordinary attitude towards doing more and achieving higher levels of success. David’s has a unique ability to talk to the level of the audience and connect with them whether they are a group of senior executives, mid-level managers, hourly employees or salespeople to help them achieve extraordinary results!

Most requested programs:

The Secrets to Living The Extraordinary Life
David has spent the majority of his life following his personal and professional dreams and he has achieved them in record time. During this session, David share’s his personal stories of success along with inspirational stories of others who have lived The Extraordinary Life and encourages the audience members to do the same!

Simple Steps to Achieve Extraordinary Health
After losing close to 100 pounds in six months without surgery, starvation, medication or excessive exercise, David now coaches others to improve their health and achieve extraordinary health!  During this session, David shares his exciting personal story on how he went from being an overweight ex-professional football player to achieving extraordinary health using a simple formula for success.  His humorous approach and motivational message provides a fun filled event while challenging participants to take action and get results for a change.

Becoming an Extraordinary Leader
Despite what’s popular in today’s marketplace, leadership success is not a secret.  It’s about consistent implementation of timeless leadership principles.  During this session, David guides the audience through his Six Steps to Becoming an Extraordinary Leader as he shares real life, take-away strategies inside funny stories to help participants succeed in any leadership situation (regardless of their position or title).   

6 Secrets to Conquer Complacency and Generate Extraordinary Results
David is an extraordinary results coach to top sales executives and entrepreneurs across the nation and during this session he will share the specific strategies and tactics on how individuals can go from ordinary to extraordinary. His simple and easy to implement strategies will give participants the focus they need to succeed in the marketplace and thrive during highly competitive times while increasing production and productivity.