Meet Curtis Hill!

In this interview, Curtis shares with us his personal story of growing up on the streets of Chicago. He covers topics such as diversity and inclusion, leadership and sales. Check out Curtis at the 2020 Midwest Speakers Bureau Showcase. To register, click here.

Additional information on Curtis:

Growing up in Chicago, like so many others, Curtis found it easy to drift into a life of violence and crime. Curtis made his way to the very top and quickly became one of Chicago’s most recognizable and notorious gang members. His drug-dealing created untold misery and suffering within the community while earning him over $150,000 per month.

A special task force was put together for the sole purpose of bringing him and his associates down. Curtis’ life of crime came to an abrupt halt when he witnessed the cold-blooded murder of his best friend, who was face planted off the porch of his Southside Chicago home. With his own death staring him in the face, Curtis came to the sudden realization that if he wanted to survive, he’d have to change his life around.

What follows is an inspirational account of how he managed to become an educator/administrator and earn himself two degrees, a Master’s of Arts in Teaching and an Educational Specialist in Administration and Supervision. Curtis also holds a Black Belt in Six Sigman. 

Curtis brings all of this experience and passion to make sure that every single person who attends his program will never be the same.

Topics Curtis covers: Diversity