Chris Norton

Chris Norton


Chris Norton has experienced the essence of adversity. He was knocked down. Hard.

In October 2010, a debilitating spinal cord injury left him with a 3 percent chance to regain feeling below his neck. Chris’ football career was over, and the injury threatened to take much more than his ability to move. It could have defined him. But Chris isn’t shaped by circumstance.

Chris stood up. With his unshakeable conviction, Chris walked again, and works tirelessly every day to regain his movement.

But Chris’ greatest feat of perseverance isn’t the physical act of standing; it’s his attitude, his determination to shape himself in the face of adversity. That strength defines him.


The Power to Stand (signature keynote): We all deal with change, no matter how big or how small, no matter who you are or where you come from. Life & work can alter quickly but that’s not what’s important… What is important is whether or not we will stand back up. This keynote dives into the essence of what it takes to have The Power To Stand, how to persevere through the most challenging obstacles, and how to navigate change in life or work.


A Lasting Impact: Everyday we have the opportunity to be memorable and to make a lasting impact on clients, coworkers, communities, and frankly everyone we encounter. If you want to stand out from everyone else then you have to start doing what everyone else isn’t willing to do. You have to go above and beyond of what’s asked of you and do the unexpected. This keynote displays how no matter what job, position, or circumstance you are in you can make a lasting impact on the world.


A Formula for Success- PRO Model: Our outcome is the sum of our choices and responses. The PRO Model is Problem + Response = Outcome or P+R=O. This is the formula every high performing individual uses whether they are aware of it or not. Whether you shine shoes for a living or are a Corporate Level executive in a billion dollar company every PRO holds themselves accountable for their outcomes. This keynote demonstrates that we are responsible for the amount of success we ultimately achieve. The more ownership we take for our outcomes the more successful we will be. 


Creating Purpose: What’s your purpose or simply what is your why? What will motivate you when you are not motivated? Being purpose driven will give you the fuel to success and to persevere. When you know your why your standards increase, when you have high standards excuses become obsolete and execution becomes habitual.  This keynote shows how creating a strong purpose elevates your resiliency and achievement.

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