Chad J. Willett ((National Speakers Association/ Screen Actors Guild)) trained at the legendary Los Angeles improv company, The Groundlings, which is a training ground for the hit TV show, “Saturday Night Live.” He specializes in creativity and innovation by transforming cultures, re-defining creative leadership practices, and working and living in the moment. His book “Smash the Box” purposefully SMASHES the way books are written: pages are out of order, no table of contents, no page numbers etc.

After graduating with a theater degree, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a professional actor. Chad spent 7 years in Los Angeles as a professional actor (SAG/AFTRA Member) where he was featured in the hit films “She’s All That” with Freddy Prince Jr., “Halloween H2O,” with Jamie Lee Curtis and “Can’t Hardly Wait” with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

On the corporate side he has worked for three fortune 500 companies: Manpower, ITT Technical Institute and the Washington Post. As an entrepreneur he is the owner/ operator of Broadway2LA Acting Studio. Currently, he resides in Columbus, Ohio where he teaches classes at his acting studio.

Chad is a member of St. Mary’s Church in German Village, Ohio and the creator of “Make Faith Matter.” He has also been involved with “Big Brothers, Big Sisters”, and a reading literacy program for adults.




“Smash The Box”

Think Outside the Box… Or SMASH It?

SMASH THE BOX by transforming your work environment into a culture of innovation! “Smash the Box” creates cultures of innovation where walls are removed, judgment is suspended, focus is sharpened, and team work is exemplified. Groups that create cultures of innovation turn ideas into actions and become the game changers in their industries.Smash the Box is a one of kind experience which includes:

Transformation: Groups will create a culture of innovation that suspends judgment and allows all voices to be heard

Entertainment: Scenes from “Saturday Night Live” highlighting the principles discussed in “Smash the Box”

Interaction: Members receive free signed copies of Chad’s book “Smash the Box” by participating in skits and the Q & A session


Culture- Create a “Yes And” culture where everyone is involved
Idea Generation- Generate unique ideas that will add instant value to your meetings
Innovation: Innovative strategies and technique designed for working America
Creative Plan: Many groups have a creative plan, few have a creative plan



Rip Off the Rearview Mirror will give you a hands on experience to live for the only minute you can control which is now. Living in the past creates depression, while, living in the future creates anxiety. We only have this moment to discover our “Through Line” in life by defining our short term objectives and our super objective and when in unison the line is created.Rip Off the Rearview Mirror is a one of kind experience which includes:

“Through Line”: Discover your “Through Line” in life which gives you energy, purpose, and direction

The Power of “Now”- Live for the only minute you can control which is “Now”

Entertainment: Storytelling, audience interaction, and watching short clips from TV Shows/ Films that re-enforce the vision and message of “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror”

Value: By focusing on your “Through Line” experience firsthand what it is like to “Rip Off the Rearview Mirror”


Mindset- Create an Orville Wright “Mindset” where you don’t need a pilot’s license to try something new, exciting and bold
Energy- Generate energy by channeling your focus and being completely absorbed in the present moment
Communication- Improve communication by being present and focusing on the 93% of communication (Non-verbal)
Purpose- Create a “Through Line” in your life where you define your short term objectives (3 objectives/ 1-3 years) and your super objective (1 Super Objective/ 3+ years)



“Mindsets” Don’t Just Be a Leader… Be a Creative Leader

Only one thing stands between you and being a creative leader- Your mindset!  You have the ability to successfully think, look, and act like a creative leader.  Become a creative leader by challenging your inner dialogue (Think), improving your physicality (Look) and using the art of improvisation as a weapon in working America (Act).  Change your mindset and think, look, and act like a leader. 

Thinking-Creating “inner dialogue” that is positive, confident, and embraces challenges

Looking- Improving your posture and physicality which will allow you to command attention and own your space

Acting- Becoming a master improviser will allow you to make spontaneous decisions with thoughtful consideration


  • Improvise- Improvising with a set of constraints is the true definition of creative leadership
  • Own Your Space- Proper posture improves one’s confidence and self esteem which allows one to take command
  • Creative Leadership- Gain a creative advantage over your competition by thinking, looking, and acting like a creative leader
  • Mentality- Take your career to the next level by attacking problems and coming up with solutions


Unleash the Guerrilla is the achievement of marketing goals (e.g. profit) using unconventional methods such as investing energy and ideas instead of money. Guerrilla Marketing is a growing trend: executed correctly, it can be targeted at the people you want to turn on the most.  Unleashing the Guerrilla is about daring to be different with your marketing campaign, having an appetite for risks, and willing to do and try the unexpected.  In short, it is about producing results that command attention, draw people in, get people talking and bring you more business. 

Unleashing the Guerrilla focuses on the following marketing verticals:

Social Media- Capitalizing on short, raw videos to gain visibility

Events/ Demonstrations- Hosting live events which brings energy and excitement to your brand

Blogs-Creating content to establish your group as an expert in your field

Product Placements- Placing your products at events, on TV, or in social media to gain exposure

Flash Mobs- Using your staff as actors to create one of a kind marketing campaigns

OUTCOMESCheap to execute- Guerrilla marketing tends to be much cheaper than traditional advertising

Allows for creative thinking- With guerrilla marketing, imagination is more important than budget

Grows with word of mouth- Guerrilla marketing relies heavily on word of mouth marketing, one of the most powerful weapons in a marketer’s arsenal

Publicity can snowball- Unique guerrilla marketing campaigns will be shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) resulting in a publicity powerhouse