“Speaker – Trainer – Instructional Coach”

Dr. Celina Peerman serves as an organizational behavior specialist with over 25 years of experience from front line to senior level positions, in a wide range of industries and organizations. She is passionate about engaging our human resources in new ways in order to achieve even better organizational results.

Celina has led successful workshops and designed training for a variety of professions. She has also presented at numerous conferences for local, state and national audiences. Her work in Southeast Asia, Canada and Central America gave additional operations experience, further developing her strong international interests.

Celina’s focus is to provide quality training and services that directly contribute to service for all stakeholders and in particular the retention of front-line staff and strength of first-line supervisors. Her passion is for how people behave at work; the good, the bad and the worst. Celina’s style has been described as dynamic noting the ability to draw in even the most resistant attendees through real life examples and humor.

In addition to keynotes and workshops, as an organizational behavior specialist, she works one-on-one and in small group settings with a range of difficult topics sensitive to the workplace and all those involved.

Celina holds a Ph.D. in Psychology with the distinction Organizational Psychologist from Capella University and a Master of Arts degree from Upper Iowa University in Business Leadership with a specialization in Human Resource Management. Her undergraduate degree from the University of Dubuque was in Psychology and International studies.