“Health and motivational humorist.”

Brian is a health and motivational humorist who works with organizations to improve the health of their members to increase productivity and overall happiness.

According to his wife Cari, Brian is nothing more than a well-educated redneck. Despite the eleven letters which follow his name, one for each year of higher education, he cannot hide his back woods roots. While he has had more than 50 publications in scientific journals, he can be found most weekends wearing old camouflage clothes or sitting next to a hole in the middle of a frozen lake.

He loves beef jerky, bit-of-honey, diet Mountain Dew, ice cream, pizza, stuffing and peanut M&M’s.

Brian has been married to Cari for 21 years and they have two wonderful children, and a third child as well. They also have a dog, Scout, affectionately known as the cutest dog in the world.