Annie Meehan is committed to transforming achievement from good to great by teaching people to rewrite their excuses into successful accomplishments. Speaking internationally as an expert on living an Exceptional life, she will motivate, inspire, and activate your audience to remove the road blocks that stand in the way. Your audiences walk out with a “WOW” factor that includes practical tools to immediately impact their lives both professionally and personally.

Having corporate, associations, and non profits as clients, Annie provides actionable strategies to manage change , recognize the power of words in customer/employee experience, and
eliminate excuses that keep people from attaining their goals. Her passion and engaging presence inspire people to take action.

Prior to becoming a speaker, Annie worked for a financial investment company for 9 years, compiling multiple promotions. After leaving the corporate world, she then owned and operated 2 fitness franchise locations, grew and lead a direct sales team of 250+ people, and began speaking on the topics of health and wellness. Annie is a National Speakers Association (NSA) board member and a past president of the NSA Minnesota chapter.

Annie is an author of 5 motivational books that includes her award winning book “Be The Exception”. Her latest book, “Pineapple Principle”, offers a sweet journey to empowerment.

Annie has three adult children and lives in a southern suburb of Minneapolis with her husband and two dogs (Peanut & Leo). She loves volunteering in the community, traveling with family, and walking (or being walked) with the puppies.