Annie Meehan

Annie is known as a Change Expert * Annie encourage audiences to a New Perspective, Attitude & Action steps toward positive Change!

What sets her apart – Annie Meehan is a Firecracker in your presence. Annie’s light and spark sets the listeners on fire. This powerful successful woman, with heart and determination, will awaken your audiences to action.

Annie is a High Performance Leadership Speaker, Trainer, and consultant. Her most requested topics include:

* Be the Exception


* Ride of a Lifetime

Through her presentations she will engage ad equip audiences to be the best version of themselves. She works with companies and organizations that want a powerful presentation that will:

* Implement changes today for transformations tomorrow

* Become open‐minded and broaden your vision

* Develop a culture of intention, accountability, and achievement

* Reframe judgments into curiosity and wonder to facilitate for better understanding

* Get out of your comfort zone and embrace change

* Recognize the importance of encouraging others without expectations

* Discover tools to help you set and achieve big goals

Annie began her career working for Piper Jaffray, she was a contract speaker for one of the top non‐profit companies in the United States. She uses personal experience and professional expertise to inspire you with her dynamic and interactive presentation. Her message will challenge her listener to consider abandoning their excuses and setting goals to live the life they imagine!

Annie is a member of the National Speakers Association and a certified coach. In addition to being a popular motivational keynote speaker, Annie is also the author of a motivational journal “Paths, Detours, and Possibilities” and book, “Be the EXCEPTION”. When not delivering upbeat motivating talks for audiences across the country, Annie accompanies her husband in raising their children and owning and operating their own Snap Fitness center.

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