Kristen Brown:  She is a keynote speaker, online trainer, bestselling author, energy mastery expert, widowed mom, and futurist who can help you and your team  power up the plan and path to your goals. Kristen gets the challenges that busy professionals face having lived it in the trenches for 15 years in corporate America. And as a young widowed mom she gets many of the common challenges most people face in their lives – loss, money, job stress, parenting, health, and more. She uses this deep insight, her Master’s-level education and certifications, and ability to connect to and energize an audience to make them the star of the show by adding humor and weaving in relevant stories that resonate far beyond the stage and online platforms.

*For Women’s Conferences, Kristen’s program “The Happy Hour Effect” is a great fit to close a conference. It has a strong work/life message and has actionable steps which she calls her “five powershots”. She also has a new program called “Renew Recharge” which has actionable steps that apply to work and life balance but focuses slightly more on resilience, self-care, etc.

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Cindra Kamphoff: Dr. Kamphoff is recognized nationally for her work and contributions to the field of performance psychology. As a leader, high performance coach, author, professor, and speaker, Dr. Kamphoff brings passion, energy, and authenticity to her work with athletes, performers, business people. She believes we perform each day, and the strategies and skills used to enhance performance in sport are similar strategies and skills used to enhance life.

*For Women’s conferences, Cindra covers the top 10 practices of being your best self. Each practice can be a program by itself.  Several of the topics she covers are:

*Get Clear on your Purpose
*Own the Moment
*Own who you are
*Master the Moment
*Live and Let Go
*Choose Your Courage Zone

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Kate Delaney: Let the inside story on what it really takes to powerfully share your message… and get heard! In Kate’s power packed presentations you’ll be amazed, empowered and entertained as you discover the secrets that enabled Kate to become America’s number one female sports commentator, talk show host, author, speaker and leader in the world of sports broadcasting. Experience the drama and excitement as you hear the astounding story of how after 5 years and 550 rejections Kate broke into the male world of sports and won the acclaim and attention of audiences nation-wide!

*For Women’s conferences, Kate shares how to negotiate your way to the top;  How to own your space and determine where you are going and how to find your voice and interact with confidence.

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As you plan your 2021 Women’s conference, call Midwest Speakers Bureau for more information on Kristen Brown, Cindra Kamphoff or Kate Delaney. Midwest Speakers Bureau has a wide selection of female speakers for your next women’s conference.