Keynote speaker, CEO, historian, war correspondent, bestselling author, syndicated columnist and entrepreneur, who bridges business, politics and strategy with insight, humor and timely presentations.

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If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who offers results with each presentation, then Joseph V. Micallef should be at the top of your list. He is an expert on the application of strategic foresight to both decision making and understanding future trends. His insight into leadership in an opaque environment will help your organization create a culture that fosters nimbleness and adaptability while at the same time institutionalizing a consistent, rigorous methodology for developing and understanding possible futures. His background as both a historian and a specialist on global politics and international security give him a particularly broad perspective on future trends and how they will shape our tomorrow.

Joseph’s presentations are solidly based on experience and research and have been enthusiastically recommended by corporations large and small all over the world. He has over a quarter of a century of experience in the media industry as a builder, leader and entrepreneur. His real-world experience as CEO and Chairman of the Allegro Media Group provided a unique experience and insight that can guide other organizations to higher levels of success. In addition, he has been active as an advisor, director and investor to numerous companies in a broad range of industries.

In addition to his public speaking and corporate advisory role, Joseph is also a futurist, best-selling author, historian, nationally syndicated columnist, and a commentator on national security and world politics. He has offered political insights on Fox News, Fox News Radio and CNN, and writes a weekly commentary on world politics for the Huffington Post. He has also produced, directed and/or written dozens of documentaries on military history and world affairs.

Joseph V. Micallef earned a Graduate Degree (M.Sc.) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was a Fulbright Fellow at the Italian Institute of International Affairs. In 2014 he was a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Pacific Northwest) He also holds a Certificate, Director’s Course from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.


In today’s fast paced business environment, managers often have to make decisions under conditions where they lack sufficient or precise information about the future.

Understanding and managing the risks associated with such “knowledge gaps” is one of the principal leadership challenges facing modern organizations. How can corporate leaders identify the type of uncertainties they face, what strategies can they employ to reduce them and how can they use strategic foresight to get a better understanding of the future? How do companies create an environment of strategic nimbleness and encourage adaptability as a core value in a world of uncertainty?

“Leadership in Uncertain Times” explores how business leaders can use strategic foresight to better understand the future, create an environment of strategic nimbleness and adaptability and apply them to the nexus where knowledge gaps, risk assessment and strategy meet


Mankind has been attempting to divine the future since time immemorial. From the Delphic Oracle to complex computer models, we have attempted to foretell the future. Along the way there has been no shortage, of mystics, prophets and futurists willing to predict what tomorrow will bring.

Understanding the future is critical to formulating an enterprise’s strategic plan. Yet there is no other human activity whose practitioners have been so consistently and overwhelmingly wrong.

Why do futurists so often fail? How can we lead an organization and make decisions when the future is indecipherable? 

What processes do we utilize to plan for a future we can’t anticipate and how do we implement, execute and, when necessary, modify a strategy that presupposes either multiple, incompatible outcomes or outcomes that can’t even be imagined? 

What macro factors will likely shape our future and how do we apply those trends to our specific needs? Join me today for a fascinating presentation on deciphering the future


Winston Churchill was one of the most inspiring leaders of the 20th century; a giant who strode across history like few others. He was legendary for his rapier-like wit and cutting one-liners. In “What Would Winston Have Said,” I apply some of his most famous one-liners to today’s leaders and events. What would Winston have said about George Bush, Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin? What trenchant comments would he have made about ISIS and jihadism, Russia’s invasion of the Crimea, the war in Iraq or the Affordable Health Act? The answers, are both hilarious and, 50 years after his death, still remarkably fresh and prescient. Join me for a remarkable look at what Winston Churchill would have (and did) say.