Sam Glenn is an Award Winning Keynote Speaker, Performance Artist and Author Who Delivers a Mix of Entertaining and Inspirational Speeches that Ignite Personal and Professional Positivity +!

We are celebrating 20 Years of Inspiring Speeches!

Sam Glenn’s motivational speeches are an empowering, entertaining and energizing way to recharge your group’s attitude batteries, rekindle enthusiasm and ignite new levels of personal and professional positivity. For the past 20 years, Sam Glenn has been a featured keynote speaker for 2000 plus organizations from every type of industry – Education, Government, Non-Profit, Fortune 500, Associations, Retail – and if there is one common theme; it’s that “It All Starts With Attitude!” Today, Sam has earned the recognition as one of the most outstanding kick off and closing speakers in the speaking industry. Meeting and event planners love working with Sam and trust him to deliver value, interaction, inspiration and create an uplifting and memorable experience.

If anyone knows how to recharge an organization’s positivity, recognize employee efforts, and make learning new ideas exciting, it’s Sam Glenn, Award Winning Motivational Keynote Speaker and Inspirational Author.
The most frequent comment you hear after EVERY Sam Glenn motivational speech is,
“That’s just what I needed!”

Sam Glenn’s motivational speeches are gleaned from his own life experiences of successes and failures. Having lost a very successful business due to a fire, Sam became negative, broke, depressed, jobless and homeless – almost overnight. It was a chance encounter and subsequent friendship with Zig Ziglar that eventually gave Sam a “Kick in the Attitude.” It was a gift that changed his attitude – and his life – for the better. Within two years, Sam went from sleeping on the floor to achieving dreams he once thought impossible.

Sam’s ability to pull positivity out of adversity has led him to become the leading voice on the topic of attitude as it relates to being a leader, dealing with change, cultivating a culture of engagement, improving customer service and improving your personal and professional development. Over the years, Sam Glenn has been the “go-to” resource for hundreds of organizations where positive people engaged in positive action are valued. Sam’s energetic – and often humorous – programs engage, equip and empower audiences with an attitude recharge that will improve performance in their professional and personal lives. His eye-opening presentations will leave your audience with practical strategies that allow them to embrace a new outlook on the way they interact with co-workers, clients, customers, family and friends alike.

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A Kick in the Attitude (An Attitude Re-Charge!)

Winner of a Telly Award for Most Outstanding Motivational Training Video.

Our attitude is a lot like a battery and sometimes it loses it’s positive charge. Sam not only puts that positive spark into everyone’s attitude, but shows how to maintain that positive spark in the midst of adversity and the things that drain us. Sam discusses how we make attitude a choice everyday and that our attitude is either in the way or making a way and we determine which everyday.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes people (audiences) get a little bit of an attitude when they find out there is going to be a speaker on attitude? It’s ok, Sam loves when that happens. Sam has won over what many would consider the toughest audiences with up-lifting attitude recharge. By the time this session is over, everyone will have a new appraisal for the true value of attitude and how it pertains to life and work.

Sam’s simple philosophy is that it all starts with attitude: Success, Teamwork, Customer Service, Sales, Leadership, Personal/Professional Development, Winning, and Relationships.

This program is designed to rekindle your organization’s enthusiasm. More than just having a positive attitude, Sam discusses ways to put the right attitude into action and how doing so will achieve the best results. While we cannot control what goes on around us, we can control our perceptions, responses and actions, which ultimately form our attitude. In this side-splitting humorous program Sam shares his seven attitude lessons that will transform your organization.

• You can also modify the title of this talk to Attitude Re-Charge!



Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna is based on one of Sam’s best selling books. 

The focas of this message is simple – use the best of what you have to achieve the best of what you want. What started out as a practical joke turned into be one of the most impacting life lessons acquired by Sam Glenn. This speech is about “you” discovering your unique gifts and using them to create and construct the best of what you want in life. Sam also highlights how to use a positive attitude mixed with our unique gifts to make a valuable contribution in life and the workplace.

This is a fun, feel good message about how to use our attitude to achieve what we want and make a positive contribution.



his Engaging and Artistic Keynote Speech will Captivate Your Group and Provide Proven Principles that Achieve Positive Results

The Art of Leadership by Sam Glenn is an engaging and artistic speech that will provide you with some exciting ideas that you can apply to bring new levels of performance in the workplace. Sam Glenn’s philosophy is that a leader’s attitude is either creating a way for others to succeed or it is in the way. It is never a matter of resourcefulness; it is always a matter of attitude that is either helping other succeed or not. Sam Glenn offers some incredible insights on how to step out of your comfort zone and inspire people to greater levels of progress, productivity and success.
A recent survey of 1700 CEO’s in 64 countries were asked what they felt were the top leadership qualities…

They responded:

Being customer focused – being able to serve the needs of those you serve
Being able to collaborate and work well with others
Being able to INSPIRE others. (Sam’s Specialty!)

However, the study showed that most didn’t understand or know exactly how to “inspire” others in measurable and tangible ways. What we have learned is that to inspire people, it is a process similar to starting the WAVE at a football game – if you are persistent, passionate and engage people with the right attitude and implement a few simple strategic actions, you can achieve incredible levels of success. Every leader walks through the valley of rejection, criticism, failure and unexpected changes, but Sam’s inspiring speech will empower you and give you more confidence in becoming an inspiring leader.
The Art of Becoming an Inspirational Leader Covers The Following:

Discover a leader’s #1 best friend for being a great leader.
How our communication determines responses in others.
Why helping people find pur



The Gift of Attitude is about creating exceptional experiences for others.

Every day, we choose the face of our attitude and give it away through the experiences we create for others: customers, co-workers, strangers, associates, employees, family, and friends. This speech highlights how to use your attitude to connect with others and create a meaningful gift that makes others feel remarkable, recognized and valued.

If you are in the business of creating positive experiences for customers and making a difference, this presentation is all about using your gifts and a positive attitude to make a positive impact.

The Gift of Attitude Focuses on…

  • Being Customer Focused – Customer Service is Everyone’s Job
  • Being Leadership Focused – Engaging Others to Live Up to Their Potential.
  • Being Team Focused – Working and Communicating in a Way that Makes Progress Possible
  • Being the Difference – our attitude is our message, our culture, our leadership – it is what people know us and and remember us for
  • Being Family Focused – Your family always deserves your best.
  • Being You Focused – when you get better as a person, you have more to give and have increased contribution power.

Sam will work with your group to learn more about your industry and audience, to determine the best key take away points that will have the most effect.


It All Starts with Attitude!

For the past 20 years, Sam Glenn has worked with over 2000 organizations and he can sum everything he has learned in one simple statement –“It all starts with attitude!”

Sam has interviewed, researched and learned what makes outstanding organizations stand out and what makes some simply settle for ordinary. This motivational is customized to your theme, group and organization that will highlight key points as it relates:

  • Embracing Change
  • Leadership
  • Employee Motivation
  • Customer Service – the way we serve others
  • Best Practices
  • Creating an Empowering Culture
  • Personal Development and lots more!

This is a great meeting kick off or perfect closing to any event.  Expect lots of energy, interaction, laughter, motivation, fun and great ideas that the audience can take back and apply to their personal and professional life.



The ART of Positive ChangePositive change starts with our attitude. Change is uncomfortable, inconvenient but can be the greatest spring board to positive growth and new adventures. A few years ago, Sam Glenn was asked by his client if he would create a change management speech that was encouraging, entertaining, inspiring, humorous and uplifting. They needed a program to enhance the thought of “change” in positive ways. Sam devised a program for them entitled, “The Art of Positive Change”.
If a ride at the amusement park was named “CHANGE MANAGEMENT”, it might not be a big attraction. But, we are all on this change management ride every day. Change isn’t easy, but there are some positive aspects to it that can make it very rewarding if we allow ourselves to be open to it.
The ART of Positive Change might just be one of the best presentations your group listens to on embracing change with the right attitude. Sam Glenn will tailor his message to touch key points on the changes that your group is going through and he will create an interpretation of how to embrace it and benefit from it. Everyone will laugh and feel uplifted during the presentation. They will leave this message feeling energized and view change in a whole different light.
Sam is no stranger to dealing with change. Once riddled with a negative attitude, Sam knocked over the legendary Zig Ziglar at a buffet and the friendship they developed set Sam’s attitude in a new direction. Sam is an entrepreneur who understands the ups and downs of business, but the one thing that should always be consistent is having, keeping and sharing the right attitude. It all starts with attitude!
For the past 19 years, Sam Glenn has given more than 100 speeches a year to companies big and small and to some audiences as large as 75,000 at stadium events.

What to expect from this session.