Reading newspapers & magazines, listening to the radio, and watching television news can be pretty depressing these days.  All we hear are doom and gloom.  We’re in a recession.  Be very scared.


Are you bummed out yet?  Don’t be.


Refuse to participate in this “so-called” recession.


Think about it, do you want to do business with people who are buying into the news that nobody is buying into their products or services?  I don’t want to associate with people who believe they don’t control their destiny.


Refuse to participate in the news’ recession.  Others can participate in the pity party.  Misery loves company, but us positive people are having a party.


So you’re thinking “words are cheap,” and they are.  Instead of focusing on the negatives, now is the time to analyze what your company is known for consistently execute on your brand.


Recently my wife and I had lunch at a Red Robin Restaurant.  We were seated by a very friendly service professional.  But then we felt like we had been forgotten.  We watched everyone around us being served, while we felt totally ignored.  I mean, we had showered, I don’t know why they were ignoring us.


Carrie and I had been there at least 30 minutes and were about to walk out when a very concerned waitress, named Julie, asked if anyone had taken our order.  I told her that we had been there at least a half hour with no one paying any attention to us and that we were going to have lunch the restaurant down the street.


Julie said “This isn’t my area, but I will take your order right now and put a rush on it.”


We gave Julie our order, and within two minutes the manager of the restaurant, Jennifer, visited our table to apologize for their lack of attention.


I told her that Julie was a super star and had come to our rescue.  Jennifer agreed that Julie was an excellent service pro.  Jennifer then really exceeded our expectations when she said that our lunch was on the house!


That is truly turning an OW into a WOW! 


You’re probably thinking that it’s crazy to give us lunch for free.  I respectfully disagree.  I believe it’s an investment in our relationship.  Companies spend large amounts of money in advertising to get people to visit them.  Once they succeed in getting people to their place of business, they forget to follow through on what they promised.


There are times that investing in the individual Customer is the smart thing to do.  We all know that word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising.  I just provided a pretty good advertisement for Red Robin Restaurants.


By the way, Julie brought our food to us hot and fresh in less than 5 minutes.  I left a $20 tip for Julie.  She earned it.


One more thing about Red Robin; at each table they provide a guest questionnaire that asks on the front “Are we there yet?”  The first question they ask on the back is “Did you have fun?” 


That is the best question I have ever seen on a feedback form.  People remember the experience longer than they remember what they had or how much it cost.


When we focus on providing consistently excellent experiences for our Customers and Clients, we don’t have to participate in this recession.  You really do have a choice.


Bottom line, it’s more fun to be excellent than mediocre.  When we have fun, our Customers will too.  Let’s have fun out there!




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