It’s so important that everyone on your Team understands that they truly are DIRECTORS OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS when Customers come into contact with your business. As, I’m sure you’ve heard, WE ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION. When Customers contact your business, whether it’s by telephone or in person, Team Members must stop what they are doing and give their full attention to the Customer. This seems like common sense, but ask yourself, is it Common Practice? Share this short video with your Team to remind them that the Customer is not an interruption, they are the reason we are in business.

About Rob: 

Rob Bell began teaching his Customer Service and Communication Techniques early in his tenure as Personnel Development/Education & Training Director for Dick’s Supermarkets, Inc. Drawing on 25 years of experience in Leadership Roles, Customer Service, and Training, Rob makes it simple, clear and FUN to improve Customer Service and gain Leadership Skills.

Before becoming Dick’s Supermarkets’ go-to-guy for Training and Remarkable Customer Service, as a “RecoveringCPA,” Rob worked as the Accounting Manager for a large trucking company, an auditor, and an accounting instructor at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville.

Rob now tours the country teaching the principles that have helped hundreds of companies and organizations improve their communication and service strategies.

Rob’s warmth and humor shine through in each presentation, allowing participants to gain insight into numerous aspects of corporate communication while giving them the tools to bring that insight into action.

Rob’s presentations are high-energy and feature real-life anecdotes that are as fun as they are meaningful. Participants leave Rob’s presentations “fired-up” and supplied with the techniques they need to meet and exceed company goals and expectations.

Rob’s wide array of presentations are fully customizable and are available in keynote, seminar, and workshop format.

For more information on Rob, click here.

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